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Questions to Ask on an Apartment Tour

Many legal restrictions keep a leasing manager from being entirely forthcoming about the experience of living at an apartment. However, you can use the following questions as starting places to have a conversation.

Gauge their reaction and look for signs that may answer your questions when you are on your tour. Remember, it can’t hurt to ask, and it is better to know right away if something won’t work.

Can You Clarify All Costs (Rent, Deposit, Utilities, etc.)?

A question about finances is a huge bottom line for most renters. The listed price online may be outdated, so make sure to ask in-person when you go for a tour. Various floor plans will have different costs. Even if you can only get estimates for the utilities and the deposit, you will get a better idea about the apartment.

What Are the Other Residents Like?

Questions about other residents can be tough for rental managers. They legal have to avoid some topics to prevent discrimination. You can ask related questions to help you get a sense of the community such as “are there many children here” or “is there a college nearby.” Also, keep an eye out for playgrounds or parks in the area as that suggests a more family-friendly community.

Where Will I Park?

There are many parking options, and some change your convenience or price. Make sure to find out how many on-site parking spaces each unit gets (if any) and if the parking space(s) have a cover. Whether on-site or street parking, don’t forget to ask how much parking costs.

What is Your Guest Policy?

Asking about guests is a great way to understand an apartment complex. This question can help you know how young or outgoing the residents are. Guest policies provide insight into how strict the managers are in general. The more open the plan, the more inviting a community is. But an open community also means there will be more traffic and people who don’t live on-site so the chance for theft may increase.

An extra consideration is guest parking. Is there any available in the community? If not, you will need to plan accordingly.

Looking for a new apartment? Kaftan Communities has many different offerings to meet your unique housing needs. Reach out to us today at (248) 352-3800 to set up an apartment tour. We will be ready to answer all your questions!

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