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3 Things That Make A Huge Difference In Your Apartment

Is your apartment looking a little bland? There are a few easy fixes that can breathe new life into your old space! They can update your style, make the place more functional, and even lift your mood. Here are three easy tweaks to try:

Brighten a Space With Houseplants
Houseplants add a splash of cheerful greenery to your apartment no matter the season. Consider a mixture of blooming and leafy varieties, or different textures like feathery spider plants and striking cacti. You can also go multipurpose here and grow your own herbs such as chives, basil, and rosemary. Even better, plants detoxify the air and add oxygen so you may feel more alert in your apartment.

Remember that if you have pets, choose plants that are safe. Some varieties are harmless to humans but toxic to your furry friends.

Invest in New Lighting
Does your apartment have enough light? Does it have the right kind of light? Dark spaces can feel gloomy and make you sleepy and less able to concentrate. Here are a few kinds of lights that you may want to invest in:

  • Daylight Bulbs - Look for light bulbs that have a coating designed to simulate the spectrum of natural sunlight. This will reduce eyestrain, give a warm glow to your apartment, and interfere less with your sleep cycle.
  • Recessed Lighting - If you don't have space for a bunch of new standing lamps, look into recessed lighting. This tucks out of the way below cabinets or behind furniture. It brightens up dark corners without cutting into your floor space.
  • Daylight Simulating Alarms - These clocks light up your bedroom starting 10-20 minutes before wake-up time. This simulates the dawn, helping you wake up naturally and feel alert and refreshed.

Unique Storage

If you have a smaller apartment, one way to make a larger difference is to add unique storage to your space. Adding shelves, hidden or collapsible storage units can not only look nice but provide additional space. You can also hang items on the wall such as bikes, clothing, kitchenware and more. Remember to utilize all your space, including the nooks and vertical areas. 


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