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Royal Oak apartment complex renovated for Millennial appeal

Chic design features like LED lighting, commercial grade kitchen appliances, and industrial plumbing fixtures are among the upgrades recently added to Kaftan Communities’ Metropolitan Lafayette apartments in Royal Oak.

The Southfield-based company spent about $500,000 on renovations with the idea of marketing units to young professionals looking for design and fashion-oriented spaces with an upscale feel. Metropolitan Lafayette is the second Kaftan Communities development of the Metropolitan Flats brand. The first — Metropolitan13, also located in Royal Oak — opened last year.

“We wanted to position Met Lafayette as modern apartments with highly stylized kitchens and baths,” said Kaftan Communities President Jeffrey Kaftan. “We’ve also upgraded technology so that our residents can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi and pay their rent or put in a maintenance request via a smart phone app.”

Known originally as Lafayette Court, the company founder, Mel Kaftan, built the apartments in the early 1970s. The 40-unit community sits at Lafayette and Oakland streets near downtown Royal Oak.

Renovations on Metropolitan Lafayette included work on kitchens, baths and flooring in each unit, while an outdoor living room with an urban feel was also added. The outdoor living room includes concrete walls, a steel pergola and stainless barbeque. Building facades were refreshed with perforated metal canopies, aluminum doors, and LED lighting. No detail was overlooked, said Kaftan, who noted that electrical outlets were replaced and now contain an added USB port.

“To us, success is measured by the satisfaction of our residents,” he added. “We’re confident we’ve added significant value for them.”

Kaftan said a third property in Berkley will expand the company’s Metropolitan Flats portfolio this year.

Kaftan Communities is a division of Kaftan Enterprises, Inc., which has earned a solid reputation as an innovative leader in the property management, development and construction industries.

— Submitted by Scott Daniel
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