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Top 5 Tips for Clearing Cooking Smells from Your Apartment

So you’re planning out the meal for the night, but already dreading smelling the after cooking smells while you try to relax. You are not alone. Clearing your apartment of cooking smells can be as tough as cooking, but it doesn’t have to be. Try our smell clearing tips below to keep your place pleasant.

Close Doors - Definitely Bedroom and Closets Doors

When you set up your apartment to cook, don’t head straight to the kitchen. Instead, close up the bedroom and closet to stop the cooking odors from going where you don’t want them. Fabric grabs scents and holds on without being easy to clean.

Get the Air Moving

When you start cooking, open up the windows and keep the vent turned on, especially when you cook on the stove. A fan can help dissipate smells while letting you keep your windows closed during the hot or cold months. Make sure to keep your filter clean to ensure fresh air.

Quick Cleanup

You've just put in the work whipping up an excellent meal. Even though you're tired, don't sit down just yet. The faster you get to the dishes, the less of a chance the smells have to fester. Wipe up any spills or splashes and give the kitchen a once over before relaxing.

Spices and Candles to Clear the Air

After the cleanup, take an extra step by lighting some candles. Natural spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves, and lemon peels simmered on the stove in a cup of water can make your home smell nice and fresh.

Overnight Fixes

For those extra troubling smells, go for the overnight fix with baking soda, coffee grounds, or vinegar. White vinegar reliably takes out most odors. A bowl of any of these three left out will help. Have separate bowls of each for even better results.

Keeping your kitchen smell-free after cooking is tough, and even more challenging when you live in an apartment. Test out these tricks and experiment with others to find the DIY smell cleanup that is right for you.