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Storage Tips to Maximize Your Apartment Space

Efficiently using your space in any home means being able to have more items. The most comfortable residents in apartment communities are those who can manage their space well; finding a place for everything and doing it with style. Read on to learn about our creative storage tips for our residents.

Shoe Shelving

Calling all shoe lovers, we have a solution for you. Don’t chuck your shoe collection if you plan on moving. Instead, stretch your imagination beyond the bottom of the front closet to other options such as shoe dressers, back of door hangers, cubbies, or racks. Anything you can do to give your shoes some stacked space will keep them organized and reduce the space you need to keep them all.

Divide up Your Space

Expand the appearance of your apartment by adding some shelving space between your bedroom and living room areas. Place ceiling to floor shelving cubes to fit books, DVDs, games, or anything else you might need. Try fabric boxes for more privacy for your stored goods or separated space.

Hanging Fruit Baskets

Hanging baskets are great in the kitchen for attractively holding the fruit. Let’s take that idea out of the kitchen and into the rest of your apartment. Instead of holding fruit, store belts or socks year-round or gloves, hats, and scarves in the cold seasons. Maybe you could keep keys or pet toys in a hanger. Try out a hanger in your bedroom to save your valuable floor space.

Get Hooked Up

Those hooks often found on the backs of doors are great for robes and towels, but don’t stop there. You can hang all sorts of things around the apartment, including belts, coats, purses, necklaces, and more. Select door hanging hooks that fit snuggly over your door so you don't end up scratching the door or scuffing the frame (putting your deposit in jeopardy!).

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