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How Can I Get A Stronger WiFi Connection in My Apartment?

A wireless router influences the strength of your Wi-Fi connection. Most people feel helpless when they have a slow connection. You can contact a commercial Wi-Fi provider to link you to their router. However, you can take specific measures to improve your home's Wi-Fi connection speed.

Router Upgrade

Place the router in the middle of your home to attain an optimal network speed. Ordinary routers appear as large black boxes. However, some firms are trying to manufacture beautiful and powerful routers that you can comfortably display at home. Modern routers offer Wi-Fi connection in different directions. They have an app which performs a speed test to help you increase your network speed if it reduces.

Router Position

Relocate the router to an open place to have sufficient network at your house. Place it on a flat and elevated surface to strengthen internet your connection. Ensure that it is close to your work desk and remove nearby furniture for smooth transmission of wireless signals. Naturally, metal objects deflect Wi-Fi signals to different directions. It is prudent to relocate them or to purchase a range extender.

Range Extender

A range extender is vital if your network speed varies in different parts of your house. It grabs the signal from your router and uses an antenna to spread it evenly. The router enables you to use your tablet and SmartTV. Many Wi-Fi providers recommend placing the range extender where there is poor network coverage. Test it between your connection device and the router to determine the signal's strength.


At times, it is essential to update the router's firmware to improve your Wi-Fi connection. Check the router's model and make to purchase the right firmware. You can download an upgrade from its manufacturer's website.

Frequency Adjustment

Some areas use a specific band frequency. If you live in a crowded neighborhood, you might receive weak wireless signals. Purchase a router with a higher frequency to access more channels.

Are you bothered about slow Wi-Fi connection at home? You can improve your network coverage by upgrading your router or installing a range extender. If the link doesn't improve, hire a genuine Wi-Fi provider to get high-speed Wi-Fi.