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Creating a Comfortable Moving Day with Your Pet

Moving is stressful for everyone. People feel the strain of a move, but this large of a change can be even rougher on your animals.

Trying to create the best environment for your animal can make for additional stress for you. Follow our steps below to ease your furry family member into your new apartment.

Bring Familiar Toys and Objects

Cats and dogs feel uncomfortable due to the new apartment being unfamiliar. Toys and other objects serve as memory cues to relax your furry friends. The more the new place rings bells in their brain, the easier the adjustment will be. Start your animal’s first moments in one room with many familiar toys and objects.

Pet-Proof Your New Apartment

When parents want to protect their children and home, they child-proof the rooms. Animal owners must similarly proof their new apartment. Be on the lookout for the following:

  • Sliding doors and windows
  • Window screens
  • Exposed wires
  • Small spaces where your animal might get stuck

Be extra careful to shut the outside doors firmly. Your cat or dog may try to escape and head back to your old place.

Keep Up Your Routines

Many parts of your lifestyle may change after the move. Try to keep your routines consistent. The consistency you practice will provide your cat or dog with a stable environment. They will be able to connect with experiences from their previous home easing their transition. The new apartment appears to be a hostile, unknown place; the more continuity you give will reassure your furry family member that they are at home even though it looks different.

Are you planning on bringing a cat or dog to your new apartment? Kaftan Communities has several animal-friendly options at our many communities. Give us a call today to figure out the best housing option for you and your furry family members.