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Beyond Cats and Dogs: Low Maintenance Pets for Apartment Living

Many animal lovers opt for furry friends (who often become family) in the form of cats and dogs. These four-legged pals often have vibrant personalities and comforting temperaments that make them excellent companions.

Unfortunately, many apartments and lifestyles prevent animal lovers from bringing a cat or dog into their home and their life.

Apartment Pet Options

Below is the list of low maintenance pets that make perfect roommates in apartment living.

Hamster - Let’s stick with the mammals to begin. A hamster is an animal that can hang out in its cage, wander through an intricate tunnel system you build, or bumble around your apartment a plastic ball. What makes the hampster a great, low-maintenance pet is their cage only needs to be cleaned once per week. Be warned; hamsters are nocturnal so they might keep light sleepers awake.

Rabbit - Another furry option is a rabbit. These thumpers also stay in a cage helping you contain their digging or biting tendencies. Give them something to chew on to keep those steadily growing teeth at bay.

Reptiles - Lizards, snakes, and turtles all make wonderful additions to an apartment. They will stay in their tank habitat that you only need to clean once every few days or week. Just make sure to weight their tank properly, so they don’t escape.

Birds - Small birds such as the parakeet make for happy pets who entertain and exercise themselves. If you have a cage about 3 feet by two feet, they will have enough room to fly around until their little heart's content. Make sure to stock their cage with toys for them to play with when you are away.

Fish - Fish make for the quietest pets. Bubbling around in their tank makes for a cute, quiet background apartment pet. Spruce up your decorations by adding some flair to their tank. They will love the extra hiding places, and the bonus decoration adds to your home.

Go for a super simple pet with the Betta fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish. These critters only need a small bowl of warm water with no tank to live and thrive.

Kaftan Communities can help you find the right apartment for you, your roommates, and your family. We can accommodate your housing needs to include a cat, dog, or another companion animal you keep. Contact us today to begin the process of finding the perfect apartment.