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3 Helpful Tips When Living With Roommates

There are many great reasons to live with a roommate. Whether you are saving money, building independence, or testing out the unshakable bonds of a new romantic relationship, living with someone can be very helpful. But it isn't all fun and games. Building a successful roommate partnership takes work.

Here are 3 helpful tips to make sure it remains a good decision--

1. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

You and your roommate(s) may be best friends or even family members and may know everything about one another- however, communication is still important! Be sure you communicate everything from preferences and concerns to plans and responsibilities. Who is supposed to buy the toilet paper? Will the cost of groceries be split? Does your roommate mind if you have a party in the house late at night? Avoid passive aggression and resentment like the plague, and foster conversations that will build a solid, long-term rooming partnership. 

2. Learn to compromise. 

It isn't until we live with someone else that we often begin to understand how many different ways there are to do things. (Did you know there are people who enjoy getting up early in the morning ... even on weekends?) Compromise and respect are the keys to making a roommate situation work. While communication is very important, what isn't important is expecting your roommate to do everything the way you do it. 

3. Manage your expectations.

Here is something helpful to remember: Good friends don't always make the best roommates, and good roommates don't always make the best friends. And that's ok! You can build a solid friendship or rooming situation without putting additional pressure on each other to become close friends. If you get along well and can lead individual, independent lives under the same roof, that's a win!

Remembering your purpose for rooming with somebody--saving money or building independence, for example--can go a long way in keeping you on track. The benefits are worth the effort!